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Something big is coming...

It may be a while before any new games appear on this site, but the next one coming is guaranteed to be worth the wait. You can pass the time playing CornShark, Pentacular, or Invaders, Possibly From Space.

Here are some of the technologies showcased (or at least mentioned) around these pages:

  • The site itself is simple HTML sprinkled with a little JavaScript and CSS. Specifically, I use JavaScript for the navigation menu, the random quotes on each page, and the dynamically-generated web pages that run the game applets.
  • Most of my games and utilities are written in Java because it rocks.
  • The graphics from my older projects were mostly done in MS Paint, but I've thankfully matured to Photoshop and Gimp for most of my imaging work now.
  • My 3D models (and even some of my more complex isometric ones) were done in Blender and/or 3ds Max.
  • I've done a little with Flash, but most of my work there has been simple modification of other people's work, so it would probably be a waste of time and space to showcase it.
  • A few things from years past were written in BASIC, C++, and Visual Basic, but I'm not sure if I even have the source from some of those things anymore. Java has taken over my mind, my heart, and my life.

Just for Fun:

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